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Pup Productions is a social purpose, artist focused record label that gives 100% of profits to empower people doing it tough. We focus on nurturing talented up-and-coming musicians by recording and sharing their original music.


Pup Productions creates music that is not only appealing to the ears, but also appealing to the soul.

From humble beginnings…

As co-founders and brothers, we named Pup Productions after our grandfather. At an early age, the closest the grandkids could get to ‘pop’ was Pup – so it stuck. Pup taught us the importance of kindness, generosity and empathy; values which Pup Productions strives to emulate. 


​Our audacious idea to start a record label was originally tabled after reliving Pup’s memory through family photographs and sharing stories about the thoughtful and generous person who was our grandfather. Aspiring to continue his legacy and following his advice to chase our passions, we made a decision to combine two of the best parts of our childhood; Pup + music. As hobby musicians, music played a pivotal role in our lives and Pup Productions is our opportunity to share music and Pup with the world.


How Pup Productions works…


Pup Productions is a for purpose record label that was established to create unreal music that supports those doing it tough, which is why we give 100% of our profits to great causes.


With our approach you get something (great music) and give something (a hand up to those who need it), by doing something you do every day (listening to music); how ‘bout that?


Every time you support our music through streaming, downloading, spreading the word, or working with us to get it placed in film, advertisement or TV, you’re helping us make a positive impact.


We give our musicians a fair go…


In order for Pup Productions to be sustainable, it’s important that our musicians get a fair shake of the sauce bottle. That means fair deals, mutual agreements and firm handshakes on anything we go into partnership on. 


Pup Productions is a launch pad for the majority of our artists, giving their talent a chance to be noticed and appreciated, while they become part of something truly special here at Pup.

 Let’s build this thing together ay?


We’ve made a commitment to empower society’s most disadvantaged, downtrodden, and vulnerable; we’re going to utilise all of our willpower and skills to make this happen through Pup Productions. 


We’re keen for you all to get right around us and we reckon together we can build something special.  


 Cool, eh?

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'"What counts in life is not the mere fact that we have lived. It is what difference we have made to the lives of others that will determine the significance of the life we lead"

   - Nelson Mandela

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